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We’re not a full service agency- we’re small and selective, a benefit our clients appreciate. We aren’t sales driven and won’t pressure you into anything. What we offer is personal service and a commitment to your success.

Being small doesn’t mean we can’t handle tremendous capacity. Our network of specialists encompasses videography, web development, marketing strategy and more, and mostly under the same roof. These partnerships allow us to build your team at lower price points than most agencies, another benefit our clients appreciate.

  • Tanya Shaw Jeffrey Colorado SpringsTANYA SHAW
    Art Direction + Design

    Tanya got her start with graphic design in high school, creating cut and paste fliers for punk rock bands.  She brings that same industrious creativity to her work today, and enjoys hand crafting products such as foiled stamped cards and book covers.

    Tanya currently art directs Springs Magazine, a favorite ongoing project that keeps her connected to the city. She’s held advisory roles within the graphic design program at Pikes Peak Community College and regularly works with students on large projects inside the classroom. Tanya has served on the steering committee for  MeadowGrass Music Festival for the last 7 years overseeing design. Additionally, Tanya works as an Occupational Specialist for College America and will drop whatever she’s doing if asked to participate within a classroom.

    Tanya hordes screen printed gig posters and paper samples and her hands are usually stained with ink. When not in the studio, Tanya can be found at the hot springs or the closest sushi bar.